Our Story

Dedicated song crafting has always been the cornerstone of The Freeway Jubilee. Lyrics and song melodies that evoke true to life experiences and feelings have always been at the band's forefront. Since childhood, the band and song catalog has always been built on a unique and collaborative effort between twin brothers Adam and Jonathan Clayton. Since 2009 the brothers have maintained a heavy tour schedule, since their inception, and forged a true brotherhood on the road with various lineup incarnations. Always striving to evoke joyful emotions to their listeners, the band continues to use their lyrics and powerful  blood harmonies as a window into the human experience and the life of a traveling band on the current American landscape. Their refreshing and explosive blend of southern rock, gospel roots, mountain music, country, blues, funk and soul translates into a genre-dissolving sound that feels strangely familiar yet remains entirely unique to itself.

Formerly dubbed 'The Freeway Revival', the group has been turning heads all over the east coast with their energetic sound, continually growing a dedicated grassroots fan base. They have shared the stage with artists like Dumpstaphunk, Lukas Nelson, Melvin Seals, Everyone Orchestra, Big Something, Zach Deputy, Keller Williams, Toubab Krewe, Dangermuffin and many other great national and regional artists. After the successful release of their 2016 self-titled EP, The Freeway Revival burst onto the scene in the fall of 2017 with their heavy hitting debut album "Revolution Road", which appeared as #20 on Jambands.com National Radio Charts. Joining the roster of the Homegrown Music Network in 2018, Freeway continues to show relentless work ethic and a prolific sense of creativity. With musicians and collaborators coming and going and the brothers continuing to blaze new trails and break new ground. The current group has evolved into what is now known as The Freeway Jubilee. With excitement, positivity and creativity fueling the fire and with a new material and direction, Freeway seems poised to bring The Jubilee to a wider audience. 

Performing live, The Freeway balances organized, well-crafted tunes with musical precision that lends a raw and explorative power to the song and message. The blend of tasteful guitar harmonies, vibrant vocal harmonies, and a unique assortment of organ/piano melodies creates a soundscape that is both musically intricate and soulfully energetic. Rest that on the groove of a unique and driving rhythm section, and you are sure to feel the magnetic force of this band! Each member plays a vital role in making the live experience unforgettable, and the journey is ongoing, and exponential as the group allows the livelihood of what they do to shape their sound and experience - thus forming their mantra 'Live the Freeway'.


Adam Clayton: Keyboards and Vocals

Jonathan Clayton: Guitar, Vocals

Kenny Crowley: Bass and Vocals

Cartwright Brandon: Drums 

Hunter Parker: Saxophone


Short Bio

The Freeway Jubilee's explosive blend of psychedelic rock, gospel roots, mountain music, funk and soul captures and expresses the life of a true road warrior band. Tasteful melodic harmonies, vibrant vocal harmonies, powerful rhythmic groove, and a unique assortment of organ/piano and saxophone arrangements create a magnetic sound that feels timeless and familiar, yet remains entirely unique to itself.